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Q: Photography is

Answer: It’s hard to say what photography is. However we know that this media incorporates to the human life. It’s now a big part of every body life. But for me the photography is a window: for revealing life: to understand the simplicity of life. To know that the day life events are highly purified. Photography is a piece of Moment/Space which can transfers the hidden feelings of the acts, events and every things flow in the life and in this transferring, photography is a media which can converts the simple ideas and feelings to a great abstract crop.
Accordingly a photograph is the result of photographer’s pause in this very precise moment: a moment that shines, becomes special and swiftly distances itself from the monotony of life.
Q: Photography and writing

Answer: A photograph faces a definite moment but literature has the power to continue it. It can ponder upon the things that are absent in the frame. It can take the frozen subject in the frame and give it an active and colorful density.
In the contemporary photography after 1970 we can see many different efforts which they are trying to combine the effects of writing and photography.
Q: Who left the biggest impression on you? l

There are many peoples how impress me in the different periods of life: many teachers, friends and writers who impress me with their friendships or their works. But clearly I can mention these ones:
Wim Wenders’s Films.
Bijan Najdi’s srories.
and some of my teachers like: Mostafa Mastoor, Saed Nikzat, Akbar Alemi, Esmael Abbasi who they learn me many things.
Q: Tell us a little about yourself

I’m a simple teacher who love my students and my students are a big part of my life. We try to experience
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