The 2nd Scene Of The Adventure

The existing project seeks for the mental ideals of the people’s lives. It presents the outlines of the definitions of perfect social structure – hence the essence of life, to human. It refers to the definitions that are part of the merits of human, and are considered valuable. It is a peaceful whisper that dooms the superficial and verbal definitions as adornments on the body of the symbolic ideals of the human society. The photos of this project present the group of cultural symbols that despite adding meaning to human life, sometimes are mere adornments, and human merely puts them up to celebrate the existing superficiality. 
The present project is a memorandum to celebrate those lost in darkness: it seeks to lighten the path forward to alleviate the fear of forgetting them. It invites human to let the myths of humanity sit in light again, to prevent their perfect reality from being forgotten and lost. Behind the photos, there are real faces of the defined concepts, for which human has not been seeking but in darkness. The photos of installation in this project target the different aspects of some cultural symbols of human life through definitive references, symbolic emphases, and ironic perspective. 
The project started in winter 2012 and completed in winter 2014.  
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