Winter Time

With over 10,000 Imamzades, late descendants of Prophet Mohammad, Iran is a unique and secretive land.
Imamzadehs are extremely popular among Iranians, and their existence has created a sense of revelation, spiritual release and intimacy among them. For the people of Iran, a visit to a Shrine equals a travel in quest of truth and enlightenment, a sign of parting from the daily grind and closeness to a metaphysical power. 
Iranians decorate the Shrines in turquoise and green, being symbols of sky, wisdom, epiphany and faith, life, eternity respectively. Imamzadehs have found their ways into the furthest points in Iran; sometimes a path is prepared to facilitate pilgrims' journey and sometimes the shrines have an impassable road and are deemed unreachable.
Seemingly, while human civilization is at its zenith, loneliness has embraced mankind, being baffled by the chaos in the universe and regressing to themselves. Hence, amid the dread of the world, they seek out a corner, home or a shelter to figure out their forlornness. 
Is the abundance of Imamzadehs an indication of man's bewilderment and proclivity for sacred signs?
This is a subjective and non documentary series.
Kiarang Alaei
November 2015
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