Out of Zone


Gilan is a quiet place, so remote from the bustle and tumult of today’s world, isolated from the rest of Iran, which has not allowed its originality to be affected by overpopulation and high density of structures. Gilan is a place, rarely having undergone unexpected urban changes, where individuality has not disappeared and man has not been against man, seldom destroying his peers.
Gilan is always unpredictable, sometimes the sun shines and sometimes the sky is overcast, as though every spot of it is constantly swinging between life and death.
The present photographs are my single photos taken in Gilan neighborhoods to find out man’s meaningful connection with nature and consequently depict balance and interaction among man, natural environment and animals.
These photos seeking an identity, strangely rooted and dispersed to the furthest parts of Gilan, are in fact a revelation of the reality of a settlement which immensely revealed its signs to me.

Kiarang Alaei,
October 2017



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